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EADA (Since 2014):

Operations Management: International MBA (Since 2015)
Operations Management: Executive MBA (Since 2015) (in Spanish)
Operations Management: International Master in Management (Since 2015)
Operations and Supply Chain Management: International Master in Marketing (Since 2015)
Service Operations Management: International Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management (Since 2014)
Omnichannel fulfillment: International MBA - Track: Customer Experience & Multichannel Management (Since 2015)
Inventory Management: Distrivet In-company (Feb 2015) (in Spanish) (link)

IESE (Since 2009):

Operations Management: Executive Education course (Winter 2011) (in Spanish)
Operations Management: Fourth-year undergraduate course (Since 2009) (in Spanish)
Project Management: Programa de Liderazgo para la Gestión Pública (April 2009) (in Spanish)

Instituto Internacional Bravo Murillo (2014-2016):

Operations Management II: EMBA (in Spanish)

UPF (2009-2014):

Operations Management: Bachelor's degree in International Business Economics (2012-2014)
Operations Management: Grau en ADE (2012-2014) (in Catalan)
Operations Management: Grau en Management (2012-2014) (in Catalan)
Production Management: Llicenciatura en Economia/ADE (2010-2011) (in Catalan/Spanish)
Production: Diplomatura en Ciències Empresarials (2010-2011) (in Catalan)

Barcelona School of Management (2009-2014):

Operations Management: MSc in ICT Strategic Management (2012-2014)
Operations Management: MSc in Management (2012-2014)
Operations Management: MBA program (2012-2014) (in Spanish)
Operations Management: Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management (2012-2014) (in Spanish)
Operations Management: Caprabo In-company (May 2012) (in Catalan)
Quantitative Methods for Decision Making: MBA program (2009-2010) (in Spanish)

ESCI (2011-2014):

Management of International Operations: Bachelors's Degree in International Business and Marketing

Universidad del Pacífico (Perú) (2011-2014):

Global Logistics: Master's Degree in Global Business (in Spanish)

Tecnocampus (2014):

Operations Management: Master's in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (in Catalan)

UOC (2009-2011):

Production Management: Diplomatura en Ciències Empresarials (in Catalan)

UF (2007):

Inventory and Supply Chain Systems (Syllabus) (Fall 2007)
  - Instructor overall evaluation: 4.80/5.00 (Department average: 3.91)
- Evaluations: Instructor, Department/College
- College of Engineering Dean's letter of recognition

Teaching Assistant at UF (2004-2008):

Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering
  - Inventory and Supply Chain Systems: Fall 2008, Fall 2005, Spring 2005
- Senior Design: Summer 2008
- Lean Production Systems: Spring 2008, Fall 2004
- Production Systems: Spring 2006, Fall 2005
- Applied Probability Methods in Engineering: Summer 2005
- Production and Distribution Systems: Spring 2005, Fall 2004
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